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PreWo Mobile workstation

PreWo Mobile workstation

The flexible, multipurpose workstation

The workstation is practical and can easily be rolled along, and it is useful for small as well as large tasks.

The workstation consists of a base module that can be used as a small mobile workstation alone. The module can be expanded with a tool panel top cabinet for hanging tools.

The top cabinet comes in 2 depths and can also be used for wall mounting. Workstations and cabinets can be combined freely as per your wish.

Tool panels

The workstation comes with standard tool panels with hole size 10 x 10 mm, centre distance 20 mm to PreWo hooks and mounts.

The workstation can also be supplied with hole size 10 x 10 mm, centre distance 34 mm for Blika´s conventional hooks.

Download the product sheet and see the entire range of PreWo mechanic trolleys and accessories.

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