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Blika mobile workstation VV-1

Blika mobile workstation VV-1

The classic mobile workstation for different needs

VV-1 mobile workstation is for you who need a mobile and flexible workstation, with plenty of space for storage and a option of different solutions for the worktop.

Mobile workstation type VV-1 is delivered with beech parquet worktop with a frame of steel. 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors with brake. 6 drawers and 1 cupboard included.

All drawers are mounted on smooth operation extension slides. The cupboard includes 1 adjustable, GalfanĀ® shelf. The trolley is mounted with a central latch handle for padlock.

Loading capacity:

Load of each drawer 35 kg. Load of shelf 30 kg.
Load of the entire VV-1 trolley (evenly distributed) 500 kg.

130A0001-7035-5017 VV-1
130A0001-161-7035-5017 VV-1
130A0001-162-7035-5017 VV-1
130A0001-163-7035-5017 VV-1
130A0001-164-7035-5017 VV-1
130A0001-7016-7016 VV-1
130A0001-161-7016-7016 VV-1
130A0001-162-7016-7016 VV-1
130A0001-163-7016-7016 VV-1
130A0001-164-7016-7016 VV-1
130A0001-167-7016-7016 VV-1
130A0001 VV-1
130A0001 VV-1 (1)
130A0001 VV-1 (4)
130A0001 VV-1 (5)
130A0001 VV-1 (2)
130A0001 VV-1 (3)