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About Blika

About Blika

Danish design delivered all across Europe.

At Blika, we create solutions for everyday challenges.

Today Blika is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of interior design and storage solutions made from steel. But we are not just storage space in the form of workshop trolleys and wardrobes. We are with you through life. From when you first meet us in the institution, at school, in the workshop and in the health care sector. Or when you hang your outerwear before training, a concert or at the amusement park.

Quality equipment that matches your needs

Our designs are created in close collaboration with our customers. This ensures solutions that match you and your needs. Solutions that transform everyday challenges into unique storage furniture of the highest quality.

Production is located at our own factory in the Czech Republic. At the factory we have full control over all processes. From product development, through quality assurance to a finished piece of furniture.

We offer a wide range of colors and surfaces to ensure that we can create the right visual expression for you. When working with us, there is room for influence. You can help create your (or your customers) Blika solution, to fit your needs perfectly.

We are driven by creating quality solutions that unite danish design and functionality.

This has been our goal through 75 years.

Through the years we have build a solid foundation of unique experience and know-how.

Through the entire life

When we say that our solutions are for life, it is about quality. About durability. About sustainability.

Our driving force is a strong passion for creating functional storage solutions that are with you throughout life. 

But it is not just our story. It's yours too.

Blika - Storage of your life


Environment and certificates

Find an overview of our certificates, which is documentation that our products are produced under proper and standardized conditions.

Find our certifications here.

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