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Professional products for professionals

Blika products are made for specific purposes

Design and function are important for us. Our focus is a well thought design, that ensures that all details supports the functions needed. One of the keys to success is close contact with our customers and the industries we deliver to. They have the answer to what can be done even better.

Blika's storage solutions ensure an optimal overview

Among Blika's great successes are workshop trolleys, cabinets and other solutions that are indispensable in your workshop.

The mobile workshop trolleys makes it possible for you to bring your tools with you and close to the specific job you work with.

The workbenches are of high quality and you can mount i.e. drawers and tool boards. This makes it easy to keep order and optimal overview.

Blika tool- and material cabinets are usable for almost every common need for storage of tools, chemicals and workwear i industrial production halls. 

Vi have designed our Blika products to solve everyday challenges. We think of flexibility in the use of our products. For example with modules that make it easy and logical to out together exactly the solution you want.