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Blika drawer cabinet SS

Blika drawer cabinet SS

Blika's drawer cabinets for optimal design of workshop and warehouse

The smooth-acting drawers are mounted on ball bearings slides with 100% extension, which offers the best possible user experience.

Anti-tilt locking ensures only one drawer opens at a time. 

Full width aluminum handles with plastic covered label holder. All cabinets are supplied with a rubber mat with a nonslip retaining surface. 

There are 4-10 drawers depending on the choice of cabinet.
The inside useful height of the drawers is 50, 116 or 183 mm.
The outer drawer height is 62, 128 or 193 mm.

Capacity of drawers

Capacity of each drawer 45 kg.
Our drawer cabinets are also available with a carrying capacity of 75 kg

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142A0000 SS 1.4A
142I0000 SS 1.4B
142B0000 SS 1.5A
142M0000 SS 1.5B
142N0000 SS 1.5C
142C0000 SS 1.6A
142O0000 SS 1.6B
142P0000 SS 1.6C
142D0000 SS 1.7A
142Q0000 SS 1.7B
142E0000 SS 1.8A
142R0000 SS 1.8C
142F0000 SS 1.9
142G0000 SS 1.10
Skuffeudtræk SS
Staalinddeling 4 X 110
Stålinddeling 3 X 148
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