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GDT and GDTS lockers

GDT and GDTS lockers

Lockers with 2 storage compartments and one lock

Double locker with two separate compartments continuous hat shelf and two hanger bars. The locker provides lots of space for well-organized storage of civil and work clothes separate in the same locker.

Ideal for hotels and restaurants where work clothes must be kept separate from civil clothes. The lock opens both reinforced single-walled doors.

The practical ventilation holes in the top and bottom of the cabinets are what provideĀ Blika's standard thermal ventilation.

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GDT 11 Plate Legs
GDT 11 Plate Legs Open
GDT 21 Plate Legs
GDTS 11 114X5036 304321
GDTS 11 114X5036 304321 Open
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