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GBF and GBFS student lockers

Extra reinforced GBF and GBFS

Wardrobe boxes are ideal for many settings, as they provide many opportunities for separate and locked storage in one solution.

The model with 2-5 boxes in height comes with double plate doors. The GBF cabinets are extra reinforced with an extended shelf and door stop.

The lockers have ventilations holes in the top and bottom, which provides a thermal ventilation

Other door materials, such as Lexan and veneer, are optional.

The lockers can be supplied with power outlet, for easy and save charging of IT-equipment. 

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GBF 12
GBF 13
GBF 14
GBF 15
GBF 22
GBF 23
GBF 24
GBF 25
GBF 32
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