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Blika ventilation Type B

Type B, Blika ventilation, external, mechanical ventilation

The ventilation pipes in the lockers are connected to the ventilation system in the building and thereby create an underpressure in the lockers. This secures that repellent smell from dirty and moist working clothes is eliminated.

Blika lockers type GS, GDS and GDTS are prepared for mounting of this solution. Blika can supply all pipe variations that are needed up till the pipe system outlet from the locker.

The customer informs us of where the lockers are erected and where the outlets are to be placed. Then we supply the necessary number of pipes with ventilation holes, connectors, endplates, and tees. The air capacity of the ventilation system must be 33 m3/h per linear meter locker.

The max reach is 3 meters on each side of the outlet.

Ventilation Type B
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