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Campus Varde

Campus Varde

Specially developed doors for Blika's student lockers absorbs the sound


"Think if the student lockers can give the room a better acoustics".

The challenge was almost too exciting to let go. So, we decided to go for it. We chose a collaboration with engineers from NCC. And the result was a door with small holes that capture the sound by sound-absorbing material inside the door. So simple that no one had figured it out before.

Colored doors and code lock

The doors of the total of 850 student lockers for Campus Varde, Denmark have different colors to match the architect's color scale. The cabinets are built into niches, which are also defined by the architect.

The doors have a code lock. You choose your own code when you close the door. It provides 100% independence. You choose a cabinet that matches the location, choose your code and close the door. It is a safe, efficient and user-friendly solution.

Also ideal for private and public workplaces

The cabinets can also be used as a practical and presentable improvement of the work environment in most workplaces - for example to divide office environments. This achieves both practical storage options and the ability to reduce noise on the premises.

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